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The Unknown Technology In Homer

RRP $271.99

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The astonishing accounts of almost modern technological achievements found in the Homeric Epics constitute one of the so-called Homeric Issues. "The question is whether such achievements existed in reality or were just poetic conceptions. Both views have their followers and adversaries

For example, robots, either in human form, as the golden girls serving Hephaestus, or in animal form, as the gold and silver mastiffs of King Alcinous, or even the intelligent, self-propelled ships of the Phaeacins, could hardly have existed in an era for which no evidence or even hints of prime movers exist, Even so, such references prove that the Mycenaean people were well aware of the importance of such devices, and this certainly acts as a catalyst for technological progress.

On the other hand, besides the unparallelled building ability of the Mycenaeans, as is the case with the Clyclopean Walls, technology specialists may locate examples of structures so advanced, that they can be considered modern with regard to materials, design and manufacture. Still, these can be well within the possibilities of the era. In fact, one can reasonably state, that, if the Mycenaean Civilisation had not collapsed, the world history of technology would be totally different

From the contents of the present book, a general conclusion can be drawn. The Homeric Epics include scientific and technological knowledge so vast and so diverse that it must be studied by specialists from as many disciplines as possible and also that this search must continue along with progressing science in our time, which will allow for increasingly deeper understanding of the great achievements of Greek Prehistory.

The Long Road Home

RRP $19.99

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Thousands of U.S. soldiers have suffered grievous wounds in Iraq, but only one of them is a Doonesbury character. This special collection chronicles seven months of cutting-edge cartooning, during which B.D.-and readers of the strip-got an up-close schooling in a kind of personal transformation no one seeks.

Deprived not only of leg but also his ubiquitous trademark helmet, B.D. survives first-response Baghdad triage, evacuation to Landstuhl's surgeon-rich environment, and visits by innumerable morale-boosting celebs, both red and blue in hue. He's awed in turn by morphine, take-no-guff nurses, his fellow amps, and his family, including the daughter who hand-delivers succor, one aspirin at a time.

Transferred stateside to Walter Reed's Ward 57, B.D. is inspired by the wisdom of physiatrists, warmed by the dedicated ministrations of real-life fellow-amp heroes like Jim the Milkshake Man, and dazzled by high-tech prostheses that cost more than luxury cars. He's annoyed by his own bouts with self-pity, by the bedside awkwardness of friends more comfortable regarding his stump from e-mail distance, and by Zonk's unwavering commitment to supplementing his care with organic meds.

As their journey continues, B.D. and Boopsie are cared for by Fisher House, a home-next-door-to-the-hospital for families whose lives revolve around therapy. B.D. finds himself painfully engaged in building his future, one sadistically difficult physical therapy session at a time. "To Lash, Helga, and the Marquis " toast the band of differently limbed brethren, raising their glasses to their PT masters as they prepare for reentry into the ambulatory world.

From rebuilding tissue to rebuilding social skills to rebuilding lives, B.D's inspiring, insightful, and darkly humorous story confirms that it can take a village, or at least a ward, to raise a soldier when he's gone down. "Thank you for getting blown up," offers one of B.D.'s visiting players. Replies the coach, "Just doing my job."

Home Baking For Profit

RRP $17.99

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Start Making Money Immediately!

Yes You Can - I Did and so Can YouCaren Curb never imagined her cookie recipes would be so popular in town. Businesses started hounding her for more variety. They began suggesting that she open her own shop. Well the popularity naturally grew into something she didn't expect. Before too long, she worked on a marketing plan, got a food handler certificate, business license, and home occupation permit. Now she's in a position to grow with employees and finding out the sky is the limit. There's all kinds of opportunities for anyone who has a home kitchen, opening stores on Etsy and other craft or home business marketing storefronts, and selling at local fairs, festivals, and farmers markets. There's also grocery stores, food service businesses and other shops. Basically, Caren explains the first steps to take, after all, success begins with the first steps. A few "winning" recipes will get you started. Once your cookies are in the public, you'll be able to build a reputation and go from there.

Build Your A-game

RRP $18.69

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We don't know what we don't know until we know it, and only then can we choose to do something about it. Have you experienced those "aha" moments? You say to yourself, "Huh, it was right here in front of me and I didn't even know it." Or you wondered why you did something that was totally out of character and thought to yourself: Where did this come from? And what about those moments when you deserved to be seen, to be heard, and to be remembered and it didn't work out for you? What did you experience? How did you feel? If you had the opportunity to do it again, how would you choose? Building Your A-Game connects readers with the idea of taking the reins to bring forth their best selves in life, work, and relationships. Author Carole Sacino-speaker, coach, and entrepreneur-helps you create/recreate awareness about your personal power: who you are from the inside out, from your professional brand to your presence. Learn about how you can show up in the world through your community, and how "common-unity" can fuel your passion and purpose. Discover how you can be an active participant in the national economy and leave a legacy for our nation, the world, and future generations. "Life isn't finding yourself ... it's creating yourself." -George Bernard Shaw It's time to celebrate you, align with your passion, advocate for what matters, experience your genius, and pay it forward for others as you discover, build, and bring your A-Game to the world. We are all on a journey of self-discovery, self-confidence, and self-acceptance. You are not alone-I hope you walk along with us!

Walking Home To Rosie Lee

RRP $12.99

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Young Gabe's is a story of heartache and jubilation. He's a child slave freed after the Civil War. He sets off to reunite himself with his mother who was sold before the war's end. "Come morning, the folks take to the road again, singing songs, telling stories, and dream-talking of the lives they're gonna live in freedom. And I follow, keeping my eyes open for my mama. Days pass into weeks, and one gray evening as Mr. Dark laid down his coat, I see a woman with a yellow scarf 'round her neck as bright as a star. I run up to grab her hand, saying, Mama?" Gabe's odyssey in search of his mother has an epic American quality, and Keith Shepherd's illustrations—influenced deeply by the narrative work of Thomas Hart Benton—fervently portray the struggle in Gabe's heroic quest.

Selected as a 2012 Skipping Stones Honor Book and for the 2012 IRA Teacher's Choices Reading List.

A. LaFaye hopes Walking Home to Rosie Lee will honor all those African American families who struggled to reunite at the end of the Civil War and will pay her respects to those who banded together through the long struggle for freedom. She is the author of the Scott O'Dell Award-winning novel Worth and lives in Tennessee with her daughter Adia.

Keith Shepherd is a painter, graphic designer, and educator working out of Kansas City, MO. His painting "Sunday Best" is part of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum's permanent collection. He describes his work as being "motivated by family, religion, history, and music."


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